About MetroWash Trash Can Cleaners

We Brighten Your Life!

Every week in nice weather for the past 25 years, you’d find me outside hosing down my smelly trash cans with too much water, soap, and harsh chemicals. Nevertheless, neighbors would jokingly ask me when they could schedule a cleaning for theirs. Now they can schedule a much more complete, efficient, and environmentally-friendly version of that same cleaning through MetroWash Trash Can Cleaners. I’m happy to have finally found a system to help anyone, whether or not they live next door!

MetroWash Team

Company History

Established in 2022, MetroWash Trash Can Cleaners is a local, family-owned small business focused on providing a professional cleaning service to our surrounding communities. Whether your cans are suffering from germs, smells, maggots, or general unsightliness, we will leave them sparkling like new! We pride ourselves on providing a service that most people never knew existed and we are passionate about keeping your trash, recycling, yard waste, and compost cans clean through our environmentally-safe sanitation process.

Our Values

Driven by hard work, integrity, and our powerful cleaning machines, MetroWash Trash Can Cleaners aims to provide an eco-friendly waste can cleaning service to our community.