How it Works


The evening before your scheduled cleaning, we will send you a text/email reminder to kindly place your cans out on the curb. Our technicians will be there the next day to clean them!


Upon arriving, our technicians will inspect your trash cans for remaining debris and existing damage. We begin our thorough cleaning by manually pressure washing the outside of your cans.


Cans are then placed on the hydraulic lifts of our state-of-the-art truck. Powerful jets spray hot water in 360 degrees to sanitize all interior surfaces of the cans, ridding them of grime and bacteria. Our self-contained trucks collect the excess water so it can be properly disposed of.

Finishing Touches

After the cleaning process, our technicians spray an odor-neutralizing mist that leaves your cans smelling fresh. Sparkling clean cans will be waiting for you curbside. Your cleaning is complete. We’ll let you know that your cans have been MetroWashed with a confirmation receipt via text/email.