Lavender is celebrated worldwide for its calming and relaxing properties. With its soothing purple hues and enchanting fragrance, lavender often steals the limelight as a star ingredient in aromatherapy products and relaxation routines. But did you know that this mesmerizing scent also plays a pivotal role in repelling various insects? And with innovation in sanitation, the beauty of lavender has seamlessly integrated into something as pragmatic as trash can cleaning.

Lavender: Nature’s Insect Repellant

Most of us don’t need any excuse to indulge in the serene and delicate aroma of lavender. But if you were looking for one, its insect-repellent properties would be at the top of the list. Here’s why:

  1. Repels Mosquitoes:

    The essential oils present in lavender have been found to be undesirable to many species of mosquitoes. So while you might love the aroma, mosquitoes decidedly do not.

  2. Keeps Moths at Bay:

    Wardrobe moths have been a notorious problem for many households. Traditional wisdom often advises keeping sachets of dried lavender in closets and drawers, and for a good reason: moths detest its smell.

  3. Says No to Fleas and Flies:

    If you have pets, lavender can be your best friend. Not only do fleas dislike lavender, but many flies also tend to steer clear of this aroma.

MetroWash and the Lavender Revolution in Trash Can Cleaning

While lavender’s insect-repellent properties are noteworthy, its usage has mostly been limited to personal care and home fragrances. Enter MetroWash Trash Can Cleaners – a game changer in the sanitation world.

Trash cans, by virtue of what they hold, are breeding grounds for a multitude of pests, especially flies and maggots. These insects are not just annoying; they are also vectors for various diseases. Proper cleaning and sanitation of trash cans are paramount, not just for aesthetic reasons, but also for health and hygiene.

MetroWash has innovatively incorporated the essence of lavender into their cleaning process. Here’s how it benefits you:

  1. Deep Cleaning with a Bonus:

    After undergoing a thorough cleaning and sanitizing process, your trash can is deodorized with a lavender scent. Not only does this leave your can smelling pleasant, but it also acts as a deterrent for those pesky flies and maggots.

  2. Long-Lasting Protection:

    With the lavender scent lingering, you have an extended protective shield against bugs. The pleasant aroma means fewer insects bothering your trash can between cleanings.

  3. An Eco-Friendly Option:

    Lavender, being a natural repellent, offers a chemical-free option to keep insects at bay, aligning with an eco-conscious approach to sanitation.


In our modern age, where the blend of tradition and innovation often gifts us groundbreaking solutions, lavender’s integration into trash can cleaning by MeteroWash is a testament to this synergy. A simple flower’s scent not only enhances our sensory experiences but also offers practical, everyday solutions. The next time you admire a lavender field or enjoy its scent, remember that this beautiful plant is hard at work, protecting our homes and environments from unwanted pests.